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What is "Peach" ?

Cafe Peach is the first global incubation space in Tsukuba designed to
support the needs of international students who have an interest in
start-up businesses, new projects or event plannings in Japan.

In our “Incubation Community”,
you can meet friends or people from companies, look for jobs,
or even create your own start-up group with other students.
Peach also offers you our guidance and financial assistance
for your innovative idea.

Make your dream come to life,
all in the comfort of a cozy, welcoming spot close to campus.

  1. Find Your Goal
  2. Share the Idea
  3. Find Supporters
Managing the Achievement

When you define your own goal such as "I want to start a new project", then it is time for you to set up a detailed step of "When to do" and "What to do" for the first time. Here at Peach, an experienced staff will work with you on the process for achieving your goal and support the path to that goal based on MBO * sheets!

Diverse Exchange Opportunity

When you the times comes when you want to put your ideas to action, having access to real-time industry information and connections with local companies will be of great help. Peach holds events and seminars that allow international students and corporate personel with diverse skills and backgrounds to exchange opinions freely.

Finding a friend

Peach is a place to pass your ideas on to more people. Even if it is not a perfect idea, no problem. You can always start with asking "What should I do if I do this?" "Let's start by calling out". You will find companions that sympathize with your ideas and provide necessary abilities and skills.