Study Program

Leadership Training リーダーシップ研修

This is a Workshop style training where international students and non-students (workers) participate together. In this program, in preparation for the final presentation, we will be discussing in groups on themes handed by existing companies, while learning about "how to build business plans" and "design thinking" from the guest lecturers who are active in many industries.
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Friday Meetup フライデー・ミートアップ

An exchange program between international student x business on friday nights. This will be a place where students of various nationalities, age and affiliation and non-students can feel free to exchange opinions through the World Seminar" conducted by international students, lectures conducted by non-students, and social gathering. We will also hold a mini presentations by students for the planning contest "Founders".

Incubation Program

Founders 留学生ドリプラ会議

This is a contest aimed at international students who will be planning and presenting their own new projects in order to win activity rights at Peach, as well as acquiring investment from companies. It will be held twice a year, and the presenter will brush up the idea while participating in the monthly mini-presentation aiming for the final presentation.
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LEADERS 留学生ドラフト会議

This is an event where international students aim to acquire nomination from companies through present their own activities. Only international students who have won the primary document selection can participate in the draft conference event where corporate personnel participate.
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